Online Personal TrainER & Health Coach

– by a master's degreed and nationally accredited personal trainer/nutritionist


"One of Thumbtack’s Best of 2015 & 2016 in the Personal Trainers category as a result of great customer reviews."


A living, breathing, fitness pal

Whereas in-person training connects you with your trainer for 1-3 hours per week, having me as your online trainer keeps us in ongoing contact. I put all the information in your hands to be successful, then we communicate back and forth to ensure actions are carried out consistently and in a timely manner. Online Training is a truly customized experience that develops a solid trainer/client relationship much faster than traditional personal training. 


No Geographic Restraints

One of the great things about Online Training is that with modern technology, there are no geographic restraints to working together. Without this barrier, we can focus energy on attacking other ones. 


You Get All The Pieces 

 I create 100% personalized exercise and nutrition plans specifically tailored to your body type, goals, and any health concerns that might affect our fitness journey. It starts with a detailed fitness questionnaire/interview to obtain all the information I need to make your experience just that, YOUR experience.

THe Proof Is In The P...rogress

Detailed progress tracking by means of digital images, body circumference measurements, and  information-feedback exchanged weekly ensures that we are on track towards whatever your fitness goals may be. You get a health coach that's supports your efforts and helps your find solutions. 


Nothing to Lose But Fat 

Payment is monthly so people can try it for a short time and see if it's for them without breaking the bank, and prepaying for 4 months or more (either up front or once you've tried it) saves 10%. Still unsure? I also offer individual plans to get you started and gain a feel for how an online personal trainer works.